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UK´s Vegan Supermarket
UK´s Vegan Supermarket

EatPlanted. Original Chicken Pieces (400g)

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Extremely versatile: well suited for curries, Stir Fries, Noodle Bowls or as filling for pies and quiches. It can also be enjoyed breaded and deep-fried as a delicious snack.


water, pea protein, pea fibre, rapseed oil, vitamin b12


energy: 581kj, fat: 2.9 g/100g, of which: 0.5, Carbohydrates: 2.1, of which sugars: 0, Proteins: 23.7, Salt: 0.8, Vit B12: 1.3 (μg / 100g ), Iron: 5.1 (mg / 100g)

Storage & Cooking Instructions

Frozen product. Store below -18.