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FREE DELIVERY - For orders over £55
FREE DELIVERY - For orders over £55



Do you have a minimum order requirement?

Our minimum order is £15. As all our products are frozen, we need to make sure that it is sustainable whilst offering our customers good value delivery. The postage cost covers the insulation, dry ice, and next day delivery but the more you spent, the less the cost!


Can I make amendments to my order once it is placed?

We work extremely hard to get your order shipped ASAP, which makes it very difficult for us to make changes. Please email and we will try our very best!


How do you keep the items frozen?

Wizardry! Well that and insulation made from recycled plastic bottles along with dry ice. We have done many trials with the insulation shipping boxes available on the market, but this particular insulation retained the coldest temperature for the longest time. Our priority is getting the food to you safely! The dry ice will probably have evaporated when you receive your parcel, but please do take care as it will be VERY cold! The empty dry ice bags can be removed, if there is still dry ice remaining please do not touch it only remove the food which should be placed straight into the freezer. Leave the dry ice in the insulated bag for a few hours to completely disappear (it will turn into gas) and then the empty packets can be recycled.

If you aren’t home when the delivery is made don’t panic, the courier will leave the parcel in your designated safe place and the packaging and dry ice will keep the products frozen for up to 36 hours as long as the box isn’t opened. You can advise DPD of a specific place to leave your parcel, or with a neighbour by following the link on the email or SMS you receive with the tracking.

Please do not arrange for the parcel to be redelivered at a later date and Please do double check the address is correct as this may result in the products defrosting in transit. No refunds or replacements will be made if you have rearranged the delivery, put the incorrect address or failed to accept the delivery on time. If you have a preferred delivery date, please add this to the comments box on the order. We want the products to reach you in the best possible condition!


Is your packaging recyclable?

The outer box and paper is curb side recyclable, and once the dry ice has evaporated so is the packaging, this can be recycled with your carrier bags. The plastic bottle insulation (the bag of fluffy stuff!) is not currently accepted at recycling plants. We are hoping that this will change soon as it is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. But for now we are offering free returns, please see ‘returning your insulation’ for more information.


How much is shipping?

Shipping is £9.99 up to £30 then it drops to £4.99 and free for all orders over £55. As shipping frozen food is a costly exercise, and we have no choice but to send next day delivery, we can’t offer any slower or cheaper postage rates.


When will my order arrive?

We deliver on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday each week. Orders are generally dispatched within 1 working day and sent on overnight delivery service. As we currently cant send perishable foods over the weekend we don’t dispatch any orders on a Friday and these are sent the following Monday.


Do you have a physical store?

Yes! You can visit us at our warehouse in Heathfield, South Devon during our opening hours (9:30am-3pm weekdays) you are welcome to come and browse the shelves, we have an electronic catalog showing all our products (save you having to spend time in our freezers!) our staff are more than happy to talk you through what we have. We accept both cash & card payments.

If you already know what you want feel free to email ahead and we can have your order ready. 


I have a problem with my order

We are sorry that you are unhappy with your purchase. Please email to discuss this with us further. If the products aren’t as you would have expected to receive them, for example they have defrosted. Please take a photo, including the box, as proof. Any issues with a specific product or brand will be passed direct to the supplier. Please see our returns policy for further information.


Returning your insulation

Until the recycling plants are up to date with new materials, the plastic ‘fluff’ (that’s the scientific name) cannot be recycled curb side. But we can reuse it! If you keep it safe (we cant reuse it if its spoilt) when you have 3 deliveries if you put all the insulation into one box and email us we can arrange for the box to be collected. Every box that is returned we will you a discount code for your next shop. Bonus!

If returning your insulation isn’t for you, there are other things you can reuse it for;

Plant warmers

Pipe insulating

Pillow stuffing

Faux Santa beards

Insulating dog kennels

Garden slug deterrent (it also suppresses weeds and locks in moisture!)


Are all your products vegan?

Yes! everything listed on the website is plant-based and suitable for vegans!


Do you stock products suitable for particular dietary requirements?

Many of our products are allergen free, and a large number are gluten free. You can search the particular categories to find what you are looking for!


I want you to list our products!

If you are a producer and think that you have a product that is suitable for our website, drop us an email on we would love to hear from you!