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Why should you go Vegan?

Do you find yourself asking the question 'Why should I go Vegan?' or perhaps you're getting asked the question 'Why are you Vegan?'... Well, we have a couple of quick hitter home runs for you! We've bullet-pointed so quick reasons and facts below, enjoy!


Health Reasons to go Vegan 💪

  • Some studies have shown that Vegans can live up to 7 years longer than non-vegans on average!
  • According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, people who eat less meat have significantly lower stress levels
  • Vegans have much better blood flow as they don't consume the saturated fat and cholesterol which are in abundance in beef, pork, and dairy products... Studies have suggested that this extra blood flow does help certain males out in certain regions 😉 
  • The cancer council has reported that eating meat can increase your risk of bowel and stomach cancer. Red meat has even been classified as a group 2A carcinogen which means it is likely a cause of cancer... The cancer council has also suggested if you've had cancer, maintaining a healthy diet can help stop it from coming back
  • Being vegan can reduce the risk of heart disease due to the low cholesterol intake
  • Vegans have lower A1C levels which are linked to diabetes
  • Healthline has demonstrated studies that going vegan can help you lose weight and improve kidney function 
  • Being vegan also reduces your chances of heart disease and obesity 


Ethical reasons to go Vegan 🐄

  • Why cause pain to animals when you don't have to? It's a hard truth to accept but to eat meat or dairy, the simple fact is that animals have to suffer. Is an animal's life worth taking because it tastes good?
  • Many scientists have proven animals feel consciousness and can recognize their own families and even possess notions of self, is it ethical to take the life of something so sentient?
  • Pigs are incredibly smart creatures, studies have shown that they are smarter than dogs and even 3-year-old children!


Environmental reasons to go Vegan 🌍

  • Worried about climate change? The biggest individual thing you can do to lower your personal emissions is to go vegan!
  • Animal agriculture is a bigger polluter than planes! 18% of global emissions come from animal farming, whereas the aviation industry is 2%
  • 75% of the world's farmland is used for animal farming, however, did you know that the meat/animal industry only gives the World 18% of its total calories? This shows that it isn't a sufficient method to feed the World
  • One hamburger contains 2,400 liters of water! The cattle need water and the cattle's food needs water (grain)... that's a lot more water in comparison to plant-based products


Remember going vegan doesn't have to be overnight, you can take your time and slowly start to become plant-based. Even one meatless night a week is a huge contribution to a better World and a better you! 🌱