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UK´s Vegan Supermarket
UK´s Vegan Supermarket
About Us

About Us

We are Becky & Gabe Osborne, along with our son Rupert, and our many animals we make up the Mighty Plants family!

Our vegan journey started when Rupert was born with a dairy intolerance and we set about making our own dairy-free ice cream. Fast forward a few years to a full production site and a supermarket listing we then decided that we wanted to try and make buying frozen plant-based products even more convenient.

We want Mighty Plants to be a platform that showcases the amazing plant-based products from lesser-known brands, alongside the well established favourites. Giving you a wide variety of healthy and tasty frozen dishes.

We focus on frozen products as it retains its freshness and quality and has a big impact on reducing food waste.

We ship direct to your door using insulation made from recycled plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended in landfills, alongside carbon-neutral dry ice.

A positive future of our planet, its environment, animals and people is at the centre of everything we do and every decision we make.


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