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FREE DELIVERY - For orders over £55

Planted. BBQ Pulled Pork (400g)

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Eatplanted pulled BBQ delivers you bite by bite the feeling of the Southern states in USA, great for vegan Burgers, Tacos or Pizzas.


Water, Plant proteins (pea, sunflower, oat), tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, pea fibres, apple juice concentrate, onions, rapseed oil, brown sugar, white wine vinegar, mustard seeds, spices, black pepper, garlic, salt, corn starch, yeast, Vitamin B12


energy: 609kj, fat: 3.6 g/100g, of which: 0.5, Carbohydrates: 8.5, of which sugars: 6.1, Proteins: 17.6, Salt: 1.8, Vit B12: 0.9 (μg / 100g (50%)), Iron: 3.7 mg / 100g (30%)

Storage & Cooking Instructions

This is a frozen product. Store below -18.

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