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TiNDLE Chicken Review

TiNDLE Chicken Review

By now you've probably all seen our latest chickn' sensation TiNDLE - If you haven't, then where have you been!? It's almost everywhere right now, from supermarket aisles, to high street restaurants and all over the Mighty Plants stratosphere 🪐

Now, where did they come from?

These crazy chicken scientists originated from Singapore only two years ago! They were hitting up the streets of Singapore slinging their wonderous creation, fast forward to now, and they are stocked in 1,500 eateries and 6,000 grocery outlets Worldwide! Even Michelin-star restaurants have picked up their products, that's how renowned these guys have become.

What makes their products so good? Well, they use chefs to create their products, ensuring that their plant-based chicken tastes, and feels like the real deal!

We currently have these bad boys in stock;

TiNDLE Burger Plant Based Chicken 

TiNDLE Wings

TiNDLE Popcorn Chicken

TiNDLE Chicken Tenders

TiNDLE Chicken Nuggets


As you can see, we've got quite the selection going on... and you can believe that we've tried them all, multiple times! So here it is, our review. 



Taste - 9.5/10


The taste is good, and we mean really good, actually good isn't a strong enough word, let's say freaking fantastic! Seriously this stuff is legit, it's not too salty like other alternatives and has that meaty taste. When it comes breaded with herbs and you add your sauces etc you wouldn't know.


Texture - 8/10

This is some of the most realistic chicken texture alternative I've ever had! It tears like chicken, absolutely magnificent scenes. 


Price - 10/10

The price is very reasonable in comparison to other products on the market and the quality is very high, so we're giving this a 10! 


Total - 9.16/10

Scores on the doors and this is where we land! We love the stuff and we're sure you will too - TiNDLE Chicken





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