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The Big Juicy Fuss - Luxury Vegan Steak

The Big Juicy Fuss - Luxury Vegan Steak

The Big Juicy Fuss

People are losing their minds over this vegan meat….

It’s 2023 and Veganism is growing faster than fungi in the sun! It seems like new products are hitting the market every second… But with so many products being released it’s easy to lose some of them in the noise. 

With that being said, Juicy Marbles has made a lot of noise and I don’t think it has been missed by many! 


So what’s the big fuss? 

Let's start with a review from the green queen:

‘’The steaks looked, smelled, and cooked like meat. They were so tender they didn't need cutting because they pulled apart like perfectly aged beef that had been cooked reverently. Fork in hand, we couldn't delay the moment any longer. Flaky texture.’’

We’ve had a lot of vegan beef in and around our mouths and I promise you this stuff hits differently. The combination of taste and texture sent our tastebuds to another realm. We’ve made vegan brisket sandwiches, vegan roast dinners, vegan steak combos, and much, much more… The possibilities are endless with this product! 


Isn’t it a bunch of chemicals?

No! All the ingredients and Non-GMO! The steaks are made entirely of water, soy protein, wheat protein, sunflower oil, beetroot powder, and natural flavours - You can view the rest of the ingredients on our juicy marbles products page. But basically, they’re not full of sh*t!


Where can I buy them?

We’re glad you asked! You can buy the juicy marbles whole cut loin or the juicy marbles 2 thick cut filets

Remember to always keep your eyes peeled on our new vegan products page so you never miss out on the next big vegan delicacy!

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mike - August 30, 2023

Ridiculously high prices for soya protein!

Donna - April 12, 2023

Would really love to try it but unfortunately cannot with a coeliac in the house due to the wheat protein. Please please please make more gluten free vegan products. Gutted!

Prue - April 9, 2023

Weird that you keep promoting your juicy marbles steaks to an audience that can’t get them as they’re out of stock. What’s going on?

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