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Best Vegan Restaurants in London 2023

Best Vegan Restaurants in London 2023

Best vegan restaurants in London 


London… The home to all things weird, wonderful, and wacky! I personally bloody love London and some of the green wizards that live there. Their plant-based creations are something to behold! Below I have listed some of my favourite vegan eats in our nation's capital.

Since London is so enormously huge it’s hard to narrow down the top restaurants. With that being said, here are some of my favourites.


Tofu Vegan

This gaff is all the craze at the minute. It seems like Londons best kept vegan secret is out of the bag… This vegan Chinese restaurant will tantalize your tastebuds and kick you into flavour town with sweet, sour, and spicy goodness. Tofu vegan is completely plant-based and their team of chefs originate from Sichuan, the Cantonese south of China, and the Northeastern Dongbei region. They currently rep 4.8/5 stars on google reviews.

Here are just a few of my must-eats when I go there!

  • Wonton 
  • Hand-shredded king oyster mushroom
  • Sliced fish in sizzling chili oil
  • Peking duck
  • Steamed tofu and mushroom dumplings
  • Kimchi chicken and tofu stew


Club Mexicana 

Club Mexicana started its routes as a pop-up vendor appearing at festivals, kitchen takeovers, and food festivals they have found a permanent home in Soho and Spitalfields. My personal favourite is their tofish taco and jackfruit ribs! They also serve up some truly wonderful cocktails. I’d personally recommend going there for their ‘’Bangin’ Brunch’’ the chicken waffles with chili maple syrup are next level.

They also have a really cool decor with outside seating and neon lights, maybe take a jacket if it’s winter!


What The Pitta

I just killed a bunch of chickpeas...It was a hummuside! Ok rubbish dad jokes aside, this place is amazing. They marinate their soya chunks in a secret marinade to create their kebab meat. How do they do it? I don’t know… Is it delicious? YES!

I would go for the vegan donor… drizzled in soya yogurt, packed with their kebab meat, and rammed with salad, houmous, and tzatziki!


Facing Heaven

Imagine the most authentic Chinese food… now make it all vegan. Welcome to Heaven. Heaven in Hackney. Facing Heavans menu is short and sweet with incredible Sichuan dishes! I have demolished a few meals here and my absolute all-time dish is their Dan Dan noodles with vegan mince meat made with their secret recipe! So many secrets… But we can forgive as this place is super affordable.


Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner

This one is for all the dirty birdies out there. Rudy’s dirty vegan diner will give you the feed you need with burgers, hotdogs, and other American comfort foods!

The Londonist described these guys as the undisputed kings of the vegan scene in London… What an accolade! 

For me, it is all about the Philly cheesesteak and the Reuben, it will not disappoint!



London is a vegan beast of a city, serving up dishes to truly blow you away. I will probably have to do this blog about 7 times to include all my favourite vegan restaurants, but the ones above are one million percent worth a visit! 

Of course eating out is always a lovely treat, but if you're looking for some home cooking then we stock a wide range of vegan meats and new vegan products for you to try!

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