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FREE DELIVERY - For orders over £55
THIS is it! Even More Plant-based Chicken For Your Family

THIS is it! Even More Plant-based Chicken For Your Family

Looking for more of THIS? Well, we know how it feels. It’s never enough of THIS. But don’t worry, we got you covered!
You can now buy big packs of hyper-realistic plant-based chicken at Mighty Plants.

With this bigger pack, you can cook even more of your favourite delicious vegan dishes. It’s perfect for many family lunches and dinners and can be used in your favourite chicken recipes like curries, stews, kebabs, nuggets and wraps.
One pack will serve your whole family, and if you buy two of them, you can even invite your neighbours. Kidding! Save it all for yourself because, with this big pack, your life will be easier. You just keep it in the freezer after opening and use it whenever you feel like cooking. THIS Isn’t Chicken Sea Salt & Black Pepper Pieces family pack of 500g will last you longer.
This excellent product is better for you. THIS Isn’t chicken is made from plants, using peas and soya beans as the base. The brand was born out of the belief that meat-eaters shouldn’t have to compromise if they want a plant-based alternative, so all products of THIS mimic meat in taste, texture, appearance and versatility.
A bigger packaging also means a better price. The bag of 500g costs only (pound)7.19. A big pack of frozen vegan chicken means less packaging and less food waste which is better for the planet.
Keep it in your freezer and enjoy it whenever you feel like cooking.
It’s never enough of THIS! Shop for bigger packs with Mighty Plants!

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