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The best Vegan restaurants in Torbay!

The best Vegan restaurants in Torbay!

The best vegan food in Torbay


Hey there,

We've decided to start a blog series of all the best Vegan restaurants all over this little Island (England) and we might even cover the rest of the U.K. if we cross the borders on our weekends away!

Of course we had to start with somewhere close to the home turf, Torbay! Or Torbaydos if you're a local with an affection for nicknames. Most people think of Torbay as the English Riviera, sea, sunshine and... sangrias. We also have palm trees and beaches for tan seekers. Anyway I digress. Let's talk Vegan! Our favourite restaurants are all below ;)

Li'l Mamas Vegan Kitchen

Now this fine eatery has a special place in my heart. The food is astounding and the portion sizes are more than a handful. They have a huge range of goodies from Burgers to Caribbean specials to Fully loaded kebabs. Our favourite selections are below;

Sexy Check

Perfectly fried fake chicken patty, covered in franks hot sauce on a bed of home made ranch dressing and lettuce! Topped with vegan sheeze and oak smoked facon, tomato, onions finished off with a smidgen of mustard and lavished with just the right amount of BBQ sauce.

Chana and Aloo Roti Chickpeas Potato

Curried Chickpeas and potato curry wrapped in a hot stuffed roti! What's not to drool over...

The Edgy Veggie

Okay, okay, Totnes isn't technically in Torbay but it's close enough and we had to include the Edgy Veggie! This cafe is inside an 18th century mansion house - how cool is that! Check out our picks below;

Chestnut Mushroom and Squash Risotto

A lovely little blend of squash, chestnuts, leeks and of course some wild mushrooms - smothered in a creamy vegan sauce!

Cashew Nut Korma

Who doesn't love a classic korma! A creamy curry, spiced with chilli, garlic and ginger. You'll also find broccoli and fine beans in this bad boy.


Nourish your mouth, soul and body with this beautiful cafe! We haven't got a particular pick here as we didn't make notes, but they do amazing and huge salad bowls - You'll feel incredible after!


Probably the best views in Paignton? I reckon at least top 3.. A very stylish decor, this place is perfect for a posh date, but not the posh price tag! They have a pizza oven so they deliver some banging doughy mouthfuls! We recommend any pizza here, literally any.

Meat 59

Now this place isn't strictly vegan, but offer a delicious vegan range! The way I see it, every time we spend money on a vegan product it helps the cause grow! Now to the burgers - this place seriously packs a punch when it comes to juicy, delicious, gob smacking bites. I have been a few times and enjoyed a good pale ale when i'm at it. Look below for my choices;

The bourbon

Beyond Meat Patty, Vegan Cheese, Bourbon Glaze, Gem, Crispy Onions & Smoky Mayo - Yes please!


There we have it, a couple of our top picks in the sunny ol' land of Torbay. Did we miss any? If you think we did then please slide into our DM's asap.

Don't fancy eating out? We were hoping you'd say that because you can order exquisite beyond meat patties or vegan chicken right here with Mighty Plants!

Or if you're looking for a bargain check out our vegan food sale.

Thanks for reading,

Mighty Plants Out

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Simon Fisher - October 27, 2022

How about Indi Yang & Daisy’s?

Geo - October 26, 2022

It would be helpful to include the locations or a hyperlink to the restaurant. Otherwise very useful.

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