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The best vegan restaurants in Exeter

The best vegan restaurants in Exeter

The 6 best vegan restaurants in Exeter

Hello again,

This time our blog is taking us just up the road to Exeter.. Local legend, rumour, myth has it that Diagon alley was inspired by Exeters very own Gandy Street (this has been debunked but let's just ignore that) and Chris Martin even went to school there.

Not only is it home to some beautiful vocalists, it is also the borough to some exquisite vegan grub.. and you’ve probably guessed it from the title, we’re gonna talk about our top 6 Vegan eats in Exeter - peep below!

Sacred grounds

Sacred grounds is a 100% plant based cafe and even makes its own nut butters and syrups in house! They have an amazing space decked out with contemporary decor and a nice vibe through out the building. So, what do we recommend? Glad you asked;


Get the bloody Bahn-Mi! What is a bloody Bahn-Mi? It’s a Vietmanese, French inspired sandwhich - This sacred bunch add marinated tofu, vegetables of the pickled variety, cucumber and sriracha mayo. As the kids like to say ‘’it slaps’'.

Waffles, but the savoury ones!

If it’s the weekend treat yourself and get both, or just do it anyway. They’ve turned the waffles into a right little innovative dish - On a bed of fuffy waffles you get corn ribs, chorizo tofu, black beans, pickled onion, roasted squash and then sauced up with adobo sauce and chipotle mayo.


How could we not have Herbies on this list, a family run business which was set up 32 years ago in 1990! It’s a chilled atmosphere and I believe Exeters longest vegetarian & vegan restaurant! Don’t fact check me.. or do.

Kari Sayur

I personally go for the ol’ Malaysian style curry when I visit Herbies. They add peppers, sugar snaps, split peas and much more to this delicious dish.

Jackfruit, Beet & Bean Burger

Sounds a bit weird, but it’s a show stopper in a bun I tell ya! Multigrain bun, relish, mayo add some wedges - Magnifique (That’s French for Magnificent .. or is it).

Eat The Bird

Ironic name eh? Located in the heart of Exeter eat the bird deliver some serious life changing chickn'! They pride themselves on delivering outrageous lip smacking dishes that will leave you smiling ear to ear. We'd recommend the Chickless Tator made with fried chik’n, korean barbecue, kimchi, vegan ssamjang mayo, and iceberg lettuce - BANG! 

You can view the eat the bird menu at your own leisure...


Red Panda

I love asian food, especially asian street food and especially especially vegan asian street food! I also really love Bao Buns, if you know about Bao Buns then you know what my obsession is! You guessed it, they sell Bao Buns!

Vegan Bao

Teriyaki tofu, sticky ginger soy, bean paste, asian raddish, pickled carrot.. it’s a cocktail of flavours. Get it in your mouth.

The Cheeky Vegan

Burgers, brunch and pancakes. If you’re looking for some decent scranola to sort that hangover or just cure your hunger pains then these guys have you covered!

Double Cheese & Bacon

This is pretty self explantory as far as menu items go, it’s big, it’s juicy, it can be yours for £9.95

Fried Chicken” Pancake stack

Ok, so i’ll expain this one a wee bit more. Perfect pancakes, with fried vegan chicken on top.. then covered in maple syrup! I know now why the Americans have so many IHOP’s.

The Flat

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it.. it is actually very cool. They sell amazing pizzas and they have a huge range to choose from!


I go for the Spicy pizza, because I live life on the edge, that’s just me. It’s got vegan sausage, tomato and some herbs.


There you have it, Exeters top Vegan restaurants. Did we miss any? If we did let us know!

Whilst I’ve got you,

We actually sell banging vegan pizza - delivered to your door!

We also sell vegan waffles… just saying,

Thanks for reading,

Mighty Plants out!

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