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UK´s Vegan Supermarket
UK´s Vegan Supermarket

EatPlanted. Chicken Pieces Lemon & Herb (400g)

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Perfect for wraps, sandwiches, tacos or on pizza and salads. The marinade is full of flavour and enriches every dish with intense spices.


water, pea protein, marinade (rapseed oil, lemon juice, mustard, spices, salt, herbs, lemon zest), pea fibre, rapseed oil, vitamin b12


energy: 894kj, fat: 12.9 g/100g, of which: 1.2, Carbohydrates: 2.8, of which sugars: 0.5, Proteins: 20.0, Salt: 1.8, Vit B12: 1.0 (μg / 100g (50%)), Iron: 4.2 mg / 100g (30%)

Storage & Cooking Instructions

This is a frozen product. Store below -18.